#4.5 continue entry #4

by Allison H.

This is weird. After I uploaded those underwater images in last entry (#4), every time I tried to type ANYTHING the whole browser was shutting down. I’ve already tried like 10 times or more. I think that entry was cursed. So I’m just gonna type in this new entry.

Though these photos were taken underwater, I don’t feel like there’s water. I think the way she retouched make these images look more like they are in the fog. Everything is kind of blurry but the emotion is not vague. I like this series very much because of its mysterious atmosphere. As I stare at these photos long enough, something pops up in my mind: it seems like they are suffocated, and maybe they enjoy it. It feels like they are slowly fading, calmly and peacefully. I hope I can capture this kind of emotions when I photograph people.