#9 William Klein

by Allison H.

William Klein is one of my favorite street photographers.

william klein (1)

Gun 1, one of his most well known photographs. He actually interacted with the subject and asked him to look tough.

Gun 2, New York, 1954-1955

Gun 2, I love the energy in this photo.


At first sight, I couldn’t really tell what was the real scene and what was the reflection, not until I realized it was a mirror standing on the street. The reflection in the mirror blends perfectly in the scene.


As a street photographer, he is always capable of capturing many things that happened at the same time. His photographs not tell stories but also are enriched with vividness and rebellion. I appreciate his way of photographing very much: the attitude of “I don’t give a shit”, which is what I’m trying to gain more and more when photographing on streets, to get closer no matter what, because sometimes I take things a bit seriously when taking photos, and I’m trying to change that. Looking at his photographs I can only use one word to summarize: alive.


“If you look carefully at life, you see blur. shake your hand. Blur is a part of life.” – William Klein