#19 Trent Parke

by Allison H.

trent Parke developing film

“I am forever chasing light. Light turns the ordinary into the magical.”  –  Trent Parke

Trent Parke shaft of light

Trent Parke under water



Trent Parke reflection


Trent Parke is the only Australian photographer to be represented by Magnum. He works mostly as a street photographer. He develops films every day no matter where he is. To me his photographs bear a very strong sense of heaviness that strikes me by just simply looking at them. The film grains are powerful and at the same time elegant, reminding me of the feeling of rainy days, for no reason. I love how he manages to create some surreal images by blurring them. Blur is recently my favorite subject when I’m using film camera to shoot on street, I hope I can achieve how I want it to blur, blur in a good way.