#25 Ken Kitano, Our Face

by Allison H.


Metaportrait of 34 Girls Cosplaying in Anime Costumes at a Comiké (Comic Market), Taipei, Taiwan


Metaportrait of 30 Geikos and Maikos Dancing the Special Kyo Dance in the Spring, Miyagawa Town, Kyoto, Japan

“Where it appears to be an ambiguous portrait of a single person, it is in fact an accumulation and stratification of several dozen individuals. The single figure we see does not exist as an actual person, nor can it be classed as a true portrait.”

At first I thought it was just a single person in his/hers different moments. The series became more intriguing after I read the description of the work. The idea of visualizing the non-existence of an actual person is quite poetic to me. You see someone, but then there’s no one. And no matter how close you are to try to figure out different faces, you can’t really differentiate, this also makes me think about how similar we are but at the same time so different.