#28 Blindspot Gallery

by Allison H.


Today I went to Blindspot Gallery where the work of two photographers are currently exhibited.

South Ho Siu Nam | good day good night


Unlike the prevalent documentary approach taken by most photographers to record the events, Ho took an indirect approach filled with symbols and metaphors to representing his personal experiences and the surrounding presences. Scenes of clashes between the police and the protesters are replaced by objects discarded on the road like barricades, umbrellas, used water bottles and tents. People appear small and insignificant against the backdrop of the city, which looks quiet and peaceful amidst undercurrents of intensity and chaos.

The series is about Occupy Central/Umbrella Movement. To be honest, I think it’s quite boring. The composition is not interesting as well. Maybe because there are already tons of artists/photographers “making art” out of this particular event, I feel a bit numb. I think the event itself surpasses the work way too far.


Ken Kitano | Now, Here, and Beyond


“Now, Here, and Beyond” features Kitano’s latest body of photographs day lightand watching the moon conceived and executed during his one-year artist residency in USA in 2013. These works illustrate the relationships between nature, human life and universe. day light was produced on 4 x 5 negative film using day-long exposure from dawn until dusk. In watching the moon, Kitano aligned his camera lens with the moon’s trajectory to capture the motion of the moon. The highlight of the show also includes new portraits from his major and ongoing series since 1999 our face taken during the Occupy Movement, of its participants and Hong Kong policemen.

Overall, I like the design of the gallery, though it is very simple, nothing very surprising, the space is big enough for the audience to view in a comfortable distance.